SaaS Software Application services

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Mobile Application Development Services

With our Mobile App Development Services grow your market, scale to wider business verticals, and create new revenue streams. We, at Oodles, offer comprehensive native and hybrid mobile app development services ranging from application architecture, strategy, development, modernization, optimization, maintenance and more.

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Developing smarter mobile applications for your business

With modern mobile apps accelerate speed to market, achieve compliance, and initiate a new channel for growth.

  • Reinforce brand identity
  • Increase your visibility
  • Promote business transparency
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Enhance service delivery
  • Online and offline access
  • Reach customers anytime, anywhere
  • Role based functionality
  • Empower your workforce

Begin your mobile journey with Oodles

With latest technologies and mobile app development approaches, we translate your ideas into reality.

Experts Driven Brainstorming and Strategy

We create user-centric mobile app designs by understanding business value, conducting market research, assessing competition, and developing a working strategy around choosing the right set of technologies, platform, and architecture.

Interactive UI/UX Design

Our high-end and versatile UI/UX meets the business specifications to ensure users engage on their preferred mobile devices-phone or tablets in a hassle-free manner.

App Development

With our futuristic development strategies, we develop cost-effective, robust, lightweight, custom hybrid & native apps for all the mobile platforms and operating systems.

Reliable Testing and Continuous Delivery

With our Shift-left and Continuous Delivery approach, our QAs and testing engineers are involved in all stages of development to focus on delivering a quality and glitch-free mobile app in a shorter development cycle and in a sustainable way.


With your app launch, we make sure you avoid pre-launch and post-launch pitfalls by accurately identifying the key players, USPs, and successfully meeting guidelines set by the all major digital distribution platforms.

App Store Optimization

Our marketing team helps you achieve deep market penetration by optimizing the app to rank higher in the search results, hence enhancing its visibility among the potential customers to increase downloads.

Delivering smarter apps for your business

Our core development services to deliver next-generation, future-ready applications.

Native App Development

Mobile application development services powered by Oodles are backed by our deep industry and technological expertise. We recommend and develop native apps for high performance requirements on specified mobile operating system, be it Android or iOS. We deliver high user experience by leveraging the in-built features of the device such as camera, gestures, GPS, and so forth.

SaaS Software Application services
SaaS Software Application services

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps would be a preferred choice if your business wants a faster time to market at a limited budget. If you want to gain a quick market scenario to know where the audiences are and then feature the app on the most in-demand platform, we recommend hybrid apps.

We are well-versed in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS language and develop hybrid apps on your preferred platforms, technology, or framework.

  • Flutter
  • Phonegap
  • Kotlin
  • Objective-C
  • Ionic
  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • React Native
SaaS Software Application services

AR/VR App Development

Our tech-savvy developers are passionate to implement the latest AR/VR technologies in apps development. We create enhanced versions of app as per market competition and industry modules (retail, travel, fashion, education, marketing, gaming, and so forth) to gain customer's attention. We enable you to raise the bar for your business with our apps that are updated with the latest elements.

SaaS Software Application services
SaaS Software Application services

Progressive Web Apps Development

We help businesses to recreate digital experience for their existing website through our progressive web app development services. We reduce market release time, enable easy installations with automated updates, push notifications while ensuring enterprise-grade security for your app.

Give your users the advantage of offline/online usage, faster load time, yet app like navigation with our progressive web app services.

SaaS Software Application services

Building user-centric mobile applications

Strategic, innovative, and lightweight mobile applications to strengthen your business capabilities.

Mobility solutions and services for business

We,at Oodles, a renowned mobile app development company help in automating your business through strategic and user centered mobile solutions that addresses the business specific needs.

B2B Application Development

Building the right B2B ecosystem for your end-users. We assist you to engage with the business prospects, inspire trust, enable sales, and thus derive profit.

  • Well-researched, user-centric apps to drive profitability
  • Engaging apps to build stronger connect with users
  • Future-ready apps with powerful technologies

B2C Application Development

We bring your brand to life, increase user engagement with custom mobile experiences that meets the performance and usability as desired by the customers.

  • High performing and scalable native and hybrid apps
  • Great user engagement and experience
  • Comprehensive security
  • Built on smart architecture
  • Technology agnostic to support innovative use cases

B2E Application Development

We streamline and digitalize your business processes, facilitate internal collaboration, ensure improved productivity, and empower employees with our robust enterprise mobility solutions.

  • Employee focused apps to simplify work life
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Analytics and data for informed decision-making
  • Apps to improve employee productivity and collaboration

Video Solutions

Being at the forefront of video streaming app development technology, we launch lightweight, feature-rich, and managed video streaming apps that render fluidity and adaptability exclusive for your brand.

  • Live streaming and Video-on-demand

    Increase pool of customers and followers engagement.

  • Interactive video streaming

    Facilitating live streams for higher audience participation and response.

  • Incredible WebRTC and Video Conferencing experience

    Connecting and collaborating seamlessly over multi-party video conferencing.

  • Powerful user engagement

    Engaging the users from wherever they are.

Computer Vision

We add advanced AI features such as deep-learning and face recognition technology to reduce security concerns, frauds and other threats in your apps, and make business more approachable.

  • Detect faces and expressions

    Facilitating human-computer interaction to prevent fraudulence.

  • Pattern recognition

    Introducing machine learning techniques to recognize patterns in accumulated data.

  • Feature extraction

    Identifying and extracting distinctive features like lines, corners, etc. for effective model construction.

  • Image analysis

    Implementing AI-based approaches and deep learning for accessing, evaluating, and deriving information from images.

  • Scan Barcode

    Reducing costs by using intelligent algorithm for sequence decoding, orientation, formatting, and maintaining consistency in scanning method.

  • Text recognition

    Adding the novel approach for character recognition for improved experience.


As per the business use case, we enable our customers to gain the competitive edge by using modern reality technologies AR/VR/MR in the mobile apps to develop immersive, Interactive and intelligent experiences for the users.

  • Personalized Marketing

    Creating immersive, intelligent, and relevant experiences to attract customers in the market.

  • Enhanced customer experience

    Integrating advanced features of AR/VR technologies to increase interactive customer experience.

  • Customized solutions

    Customizing recommendations for each customer based on their search and purchase behavior.

  • Advanced integration

    Helping you to lead the market by integrating the latest and adept elements in your apps.

IoT and Wearables

We help businesses automate and improve customer experiences through connected devices. Our IoT and wearable services help you make timely decisions for service quality and profitability through advanced data analytics from customer interactions.

  • Cloud-ready and secure

    Running and sending data as per the request securely with cloud-ready IoT solutions.

  • Distributed database management

    Capturing, analyzing, and processing the data of physical world by leveraging advanced computational capabilities.

  • Interconnected sensors

    Creating an ecosystem of connected devices for monitoring health, interact with employees, track locations, and more with wireless capabilities.

  • User Interface

    Enables effortless and smooth connectivity with the IoT devices and facilitate easy communication for the users.


We develop mobile apps to help your business deliver an engaging customer experience online and in-store by integrating NFC with iBeacons, sending personalized notifications, delivering immersive experience with AR/VR, geo-fencing, and more.

  • New drive in commerce

    Bringing positive experience to increase sales and customer retention.

  • High conversion rate

    Utilizing customer's mobile usage behavior for business conversion.

  • Meet mobile-savvy customers

    Connecting your brand with customers wherever they are.

  • Commerce through conversation

    Making your business more interactive to better serve and satisfy customers.

Mobile Cloud Computing

We help your business access data in real time from anywhere. Moreover, we assist you to envelop a larger market in lesser time, build apps that seamlessly connect with your existing backend systems at high security levels.

  • Faster time-to-market

    Reducing costs and accelerating speed to market with cloud solutions.

  • Seamless integration with back-end systems

    Integrating back-end applications such as CRM, CMS, POS, and more for improved customer service management.

  • Improved insights to make real-time decisions

    Helping in enterprise decision management in real time with uninterrupted data flow.

  • Access to information when offline

    Leveraging cloud infrastructure to enable apps to perform even in offline mode.

SDK Development

Our mobile app developers follow the best practices while building the SDKs to ensure that your business to business functionality is addressed appropriately. Our strong SDK system gives you robust and powerful mobile applications. The apps developed by us to ensure flexibility for future enhancements and compatibility.

  • Feature-rich app

    Exploring platform specific features and products by using various SDKs.

  • Data loss prevention

    Ensuring that end-users do not send sensitive data(even accidently) outside the network with Data loss prevention(DLP) toolkit integration.

  • Shorten development cycle

    Prototyping the application quickly with production-ready softwares modules, and application-specific algorithms.

  • Early market release

    Accelerating market release time by reducing the bottlenecks in development process.

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SaaS Software Application services
SaaS Software Application services