Oodles Technologies approach towards project management is based on Agile Methodology that strives to unite teams around the principles of collaboration, flexibility, transparency and responsiveness throughout the process of developing a new software or product.

Our Process
  • Requirement Analysis Document

    The initial step we follow in our agile development methodology is Requirement Analysis that encompasses the tasks of analyzing , documenting and validating the software requirements needed to determine the scope of a project. This is the process of discovering and documenting the operational and transitional requirements .


    The outcome of this phase are document and diagrams describing in detail the application features and the projects scope. The output of the requirements analysis process is a Software Requirements Specification document including a set of Use cases describing interactions the user will have with the software.

  • Wireframes

    Wireframe/page schema or screen blueprint is a visual guide representing the skeletal framework of a website, it depicts the page layout of the website’s content, interface elements and navigational systems as how they work together .The center focus in wireframe lies in behaviour, functionality and priority of content. It helps establish relationship between different screen templates and connects the information architecture to the visual design of the website.

    We here at Oodles use tools like Axure, Pencil tool , Balsamiq wireframing tool etc. to create workflow, page flow and information architecture of websites . We also create wireframes for the prototyping of mobile sites, screen based products and computer applications.

  • Visual Design

    In this step the wireframes inputs are transformed into aesthetically appealing interfaces depicting the look and feel of application. Visual Design focuses on the aesthetics of website and its related materials by strategically implementing colors, images, forms, shape , texture and typography. Visual design depicts the fully functional hierarchy between different items graphically that works together over an interface.

  • Work Breakdown Structure / Estimates and Planning

    WBS provides the required framework for cost estimation and is a key project deliverable providing control for schedule development. It is a hierarchical and incremental decomposition of project scope into phases and deliverables. We follow Agile methodology where we implement bucket features in sprint wise delivery. Application scope or project module is divided into biweekly sprints and after each sprint completion a deployable and testable build is send with agreed features as per the test plan. We develop a WBS by determining the end objective and then successively subdividing components in terms of tasks, subtasks, packages, duration and size.

    We use tools like JIRA/Podio for product backlog and sprints planning. We also have daily scrums with client.

    WBS also helps us to identify the potential risks in a given project, if a branch is not well defined then this scope definition risk is tracked in projects log and reviewed as project executes.

  • Development and Quality Analysis

    Development is an ongoing sprint wise process and planning and testing follows an iterative fashion.

    Iterations are short time frames or time boxes that usually last from one to four weeks. Each iteration involves working in all ; requirements analysis, planning, wireframing, visual designing, coding, unit testing, and acceptance testing. Experts predicts behaviour of the application in live environment and focus on defect prevention and correction to tune the application.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Maintenance is an essential phase in software development methodology, its the activity of modifying a software product post deployment to deal with failures and performance attributes.This stage deals with both technical and managerial issues. During this process, we provide necessary technical support that you need to keep your software environment running efficiently. Our technical support team uses the most systematic troubleshooting tools to deal with any unexpected technical issues.

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