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OTT Video Solutions Development Services

Oodles Technologies, sets the benchmark in the IT ecosystem by creating dynamic and user-friendly online video content platform. We assist you in organizing and managing the online video content efficiently with our advanced video solutions.Our in-depth expertise and proven methodologies in online video content management systems facilitate you to deliver rich and engaging offerings at scale.

Our forte helps you to #bethenext.

Digital video solutions to transform your business

Grow your business by delivering hasslefree video experiences for your customers.

  • Organize & Manage Content
  • Innovative & Virtualized
  • Third-Party Streaming
  • Live Streaming
  • SEO-Friendly & Easy to Find
  • Enhance viewer engagement
  • Highly scalable & intuitive
  • Attract More Viewers
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Searchable & Shareable
  • Advanced Communication

Discover our core OTT video delivery solutions

We build optimized applications in lesser time to save costs and earn loyal customers.

Video-on-demand and Live Streaming

SaaS Software Application services

Being the enthusiastic professionals to adopt fast technologies, we deliver video-on-demand and Live streaming services to increase brand awareness, audience engagement, followers, and potential customers.

Implementing video-on-demand and live streaming helps you to envelop all kinds of customers and charge your business. We assist you in sharing updates straight from the table through live streaming and thus create more buzz. In addition, we help you catch the customers at their convenient time through video-on-demand services.

SaaS Software Application services
SaaS Software Application services

Set-top-box Application Development

SaaS Software Application services

Keeping pace with the trends, our team of technology experts are focused on delivering exclusive apps for Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV stick Samsung TV, Vewd TV, webOS SDK, Foxxum OTT and other VOD and OTT platforms. We deliver native set-top box solutions that are fast, intuitive, and engaging for the users.

  • Roku App Development

    Roku, being the biggest player in the set-top box devices has a crucial role in business expansion. We explore and deliver the best Roku opportunities for your business by supporting the Roku apps development with video ads, banner ads, HD and SD multi-bitrate media content streaming, audio and video content, subtitles, live streaming, and more to envelop, engage the users and earn repeat customers.

  • Apple TV App Development

    We help businesses, publishers, content owners to launch their apps on the Apple TV app store. Our Apple TV app developers’ proven skills and expertise explore the best opportunities of Apple TV features such as gaming, productivity, social apps, shared experiences and help you gain cost-effective solutions.

  • Amazon Fire TV Development

    We have expertise in developing apps for Amazon Fire TV - a digital media player and game micro-console. We help you engage new audiences by facilitating them to play a range of video games based on the Android platform. Our ideal video and music streaming applications make the customers take your apps and games to the living room.

Smart TV App Development

SaaS Software Application services

Our SDK technology for Smart TV application development services help you connect with your customer, showcase and sell products and/or services on smart TV, display live streaming content and more. Our solutions facilitate you to reach the customers at their place smartly and reflect your brand to earn a place in the competitive marketplace. We deliver Smart TV apps for Samsung Native, Tizen, Opera, and others.

SaaS Software Application services
SaaS Software Application services

Video CMS, Chat and Conferencing

SaaS Software Application services

We help you conduct more business through our video CMS, video chat, and conferencing solutions. Our software solutions simplify your collaboration and make it lively, help your business become productive by bringing the teams together across the devices with all features for sharing and recordings.

WebRTC Application Development

SaaS Software Application services

Our seasoned WebRTC developers assist in integrating business and positioning your brand in the industry through scalable WebRTC application development. We facilitate peer-to-peer communication across mobile devices and web for client projects, employees, and/or standalone users using WebRTC technology. Our feature-rich communication solutions and deliverables include real-time text chatting, screen sharing, audio-video communication, data exchange, live streaming, tracking, recording, and more.

SaaS Software Application services

Empowering you to deliver rich video experiences

We offer key services that works best for our customer's video solutioning needs.

CDN Integration

We help you increase brand engagement by enabling you to deliver high-quality videos (live and on-demand) to web-connected devices in an uninterrupted way with our Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution. Our offerings in CDN space includes CloudFront, Google CDN, Tata Communications CDN, and more.

  • CloudFront

    Enabling content delivery-static and dynamic through edge locations (worldwide network data center) with Amazon CloudFront web service

  • Google CDN

    Helping you deliver content at low cost and low latency through globally distributed networks with Google CDN

  • Tata Communications CDN

    Assisting you in delivering lag-free quality video streams across the devices through integration with tier-1 Tata Global CDN

ABR Streaming for every device

With Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, we help your business successfully engage with your audience by delivering videos in a hassle-free manner.

  • Improved performance

    Delivering the desired level of resilience to increase viewers’ satisfaction through low latency streaming capabilities and zero buffering using less streaming resources

  • Optimal quality

    Ensuring our quality of services by using multicast ABR technology and provide you the required competitive edge and increase monetization opportunities

  • Adaptive bandwidth

    Enabling bandwidth shift to higher/lower levels by detecting the users’ bandwidth availability, device, and network conditions in real time

Video & Image Analytics

We help you reduce manual work and make business operations faster. We enable you manage media assets smartly by facilitating easy retrieval of data from image, text, or the audio/video content

  • Object detection

    Helping you in real time recognition of objects using Tensorflow in workplace, docker for data visualization for added security purposes

  • Media customization

    Assisting to follow data-centric approach to map and optimize your media such as custom storage, media analysis and sharing for better performance, meet audience expectation, earn views, and business engagement

  • Motion detection

    Adding intelligence to your video surveillance solution through alerts whenever a movement is detected, either by persons or the vehicles

  • Pattern recognition

    Improving conversions and revenue by recognizing of the customer footprints with our advanced technical solutions

Interactive Video Solutions

Our interactive video solutions help you generate leads, enriching user experience, grow brand loyalty, and enhance revenue.

  • Audience engagement

    Helping you avail higher participation and response from audience.

  • Real time live interactive video

    Helping your business convert more with interactive two-way opportunities in real time.

360 Degree Streaming Solution Development

Deliver immersive experience for a memorable user engagement with our competent solutions. We enable real-time interaction with high-quality 360 degree videos having live action with animated or a mixed graphics.

  • 360° Video Player Integration

    Supporting 360° video and VR across desktop/mobile browsers for any kind of motion with HTML5 based 360° and VR player for maximized traffic

  • Live Streaming

    Increasing audience and customer base with hasslefree, immersive content streamed in real-time

  • Analytics

    Facilitating detailed analysis of live stream to understand viewers engagement via Analytics tool integration

  • VR Headset Streaming Integration

    Providing compatibility on VR headsets Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, and more for 360° video live streaming

Video Surveillance Solutions

We deliver the right video surveillance solution for your business such as IP and analog systems, cloud-based storage, monitoring and verification capabilities, video analytics, reporting, and, access control.

  • Optimal performance

    Simplifying IP camera deployments with configuring and monitoring capabilities, enhance safety, and security measures through documentation, and ensure optimal performance.

  • Real time monitoring

    Utilizing the network to provide better information on the go for preventing intrusions, and thus safeguard from business threats.

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SaaS Software Application services
SaaS Software Application services